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  • Website Development

    Our extensive experience with the manufacturing of Website, we can maintain any websites for any organizations whether it's big or small whether it's new or old


  • Mobile App Development

    We love mobile devices that's why we work with them. We know them inside and out and we can design and develop your mobile App at low cost


  • SEO

    How much your website available on the search engine? We can help your website accessible in all search engine ex: google, yahoo, bing etc.


  • Network Security

    Network security is one of the most important factors to consider if you're working ... We can set you up for a High Web Security System that can help reduce the risk of ...


  • Hosting And Domain

    We can help you find, secured Web hosting and domain for your website at low cost


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D’max (T) Limited is an established IT Company based at Mlandizi,Dar es Saalam in United Republic of Tanzania, Over a year now in making web hosting, email hosting, website designing, logo design, Networking and Software Solution in Tanzania

We have a knowledgeable hard working and an effective team who are creative and knows so much about IT about what Clients / Customers needs. We have a lot of products in our Company that can lift up our Technology ie,Tanzanian Technology and other neighboring countries Technology, that’s has made D’max (T) Limited being among reputable company for designing website, web hosting, networking and software solution in Tanzania.


  • Website ni nini?

    Website ni mjumuiko wa mafaili kwenye mtandao (World wide Web) , kwa wengi wanavyoujua kama Internet. Chukulia mfano wa vitabu kwenye shelfu. Vile vitabu ndiyo vinaitwa Website, kwani [...]
  • Web Hosting ni nini?

    Website Hosting ni kama vile nafasi uliyokodi kwa ajili ya biashara. Mfano unapokodisha nafasi mara nyingi unakuta hakuna kitu, hakuna shelfu wala viti. Ni sawa na [...]
  • Umuhimu wa Website

    Je umekua ukisikia tuu swala la kuwa na website lakini hujaelewa kwanini haswa uwe na website kwa ajili ya biashara yako au asasi yako isiyo [...]
  • Umuhimu wa Tovuti / Website

    Ukitazama biashara nyingi za kati au ndogo zina kitu kimoja zinafanana, nyingi hazina tovuti au website zinazotoa maelezo ya kutosha juu ya huduma, bishaa au [...]
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