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Let us connect you! We provide personalized installation of internet service that allows you to enjoy unlimited browsing and online activities.


Up to 20Mbps

This speed Perfect for everyday browsing and staying connected on social media.


Up to 30Mbps

(recommended): Smooth HD streaming, online gaming, multiple device and download


Up to 50Mbps

Seamless 4K video streaming, large file sharing, and high-speed browsing and Download


Up to 100Mbps

Lightning-fast downloads, ultra-HD streaming, and optimal performance for heavy internet


Pay after you use!

Monthly payments are made after usage (postpaid). Choose the package that suits your needs


Installation Process

Pre-Installation Survey

Technicians visit the customer’s location to assess signal strength and determine the optimal placement for equipment.

invoicing and payment

The process begins with generating an invoice for between Tsh 400,000 – 900,000 installation fee, which is sent to the customer via email or mail, followed by payment, confirmation of payment receipt.


After your payment, our team ensures that within just 3 working days, you’ll be all set to begin your digital journey. Our experts will handle everything to make sure the installation process is smooth and hassle-free for you.


Customer Gifts

We offer valuable gifts to thank you for your loyalty. The Router and Cable are gifts to you, with no strings attached! We understand the value of our relationship with you, so you won’t need to return them even if you terminate the contract.


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